You work hard to protect your patients - so why not protect your hospital, too?

For hospitals and clinics, the main risk is damage to the health of a patient. To protect the patients and ensure that liability claims can be enforced, the law obliges healthcare providers to have professional liability insurance for damage that may occur in the course of providing healthcare to the population.

RENOMIA offers insurance cover to hospitals and clinics against:

  • HIV transmission

  • compensation for non-pecuniary damage arising from unauthorized interference with the right of a natural person (personal integrity)

  • unsuccessful cosmetic or surgical intervention

  • liability insurance for damage caused by or in direct connection with the work of an employee

  • liability insurance for damages incurred in the course of clinical trials, which insures against damage to the health of patients for which the sponsor, sponsor and investigator is liable

  • damage to property or third party health arising from the operation of buildings

  • general liability insurance

  • insurance against the risk of damage to property, in particular medical devices, especially due to natural hazard, incorrrect operation or excess voltage

  • drug or food contamination

  • directors and officers liability insurance.

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