Jirina Nepalová succeeded in the award MANAGER OF THE YEAR 2014

Jiřina Nepalová, the founder and director of the insurance brokerage company RENOMIA, a. s., has received the prominent Banking and Insurance Manager title. She has also become a holder of the TOP 10 MANAGER OF THE YEAR award. Jiřina Nepalová accepted the award at the ceremony in Palace Žofín, which was attended by prominent representatives of the Czech political and business scene.

Jiřina Nepalová received the award primarily as a result of her managerial capabilities, her leadership and creation of the strongest group of insurance brokers in Central Europe, RENOMIA GROUP, with almost 800 employees. Under her leadership RENOMIA is continually developing and expanding its business not only at home, but also abroad. The title also pays tribute to her contribution towards the development of the Czech insurance market and her activities in the field of social responsibility.
 "I greatly value these awards. They also represent the recognition of all the RENOMIA employees, thanks to whom we have been able to build up the strongest group of insurance brokers in Central Europe and thus offer the best services to our clients," said Jiřina Nepalová, the director and founder of RENOMIA, a. s.

Jiřina Nepalová is among the most successful Czech managers, entrepreneurs and respected domestic insurance professionals. She is a sought-​after consultant for both private and state organisations, and is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Nadační fond pro podporu vzdělávání v pojišťovnictví (the Insurance Education Endowment Fund). She has been actively engaged in insurance since 1978, and founded the insurance brokerage company RENOMIA, a. s., in 1993. RENOMIA is a family business managed jointly by Jiřina Nepalová and her sons, Pavel and Jiří.  Besides receiving the MANAGER OF THE YEAR 2014 title, Jiřina Nepalová has also won the Lady Pro 2014 prize and was a runner-​up in Hospodářské noviny's TOP 25 Czech Business Women poll and Forbes magazine's 50 Most Influential Women in Business.

This prestige competition is announced every year by the Czech Management Association, the Czech Confederation of Employer and Entrepreneur Associations and the Czech Confederation of Industry. The aim of the competition is to seek out and publicise top-​notch managers and recognise their personal contribution towards the performance of firms and business. The competition has selected over 1,200 finalists since 1993. This year, the National Commission chose winners in the Manager of the Field, Young Managerial Talent up to the age of 35, Outstanding Manager of Small and Medium-​Sized Companies, TOP 10 MANAGER OF THE YEAR and, last but not least, the Female Manager of the Year and Male Manager of the Year categories. The prizes were presented to the best managers by Andrej Babiš (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance), Pavel Bělobrádek (Deputy Prime Minister for Science, Research and Innovation), Lubomír Zaorálek (Minister of Foreign Affairs), Richard Brabec (Minister of the Environment) and Přemysl Sobotka (Deputy Chairman of the Senate of the Czech Parliament).