New websites for RENOMIA Bulgaria and RENOMIA Hungary

RENOMIA launched new websites for and on Tuesday 3rd September.

The websites have been updated both in terms of style and content. The launch of the websites for RENOMIA’s branch offices in Bulgaria and Hungary underlines the emphasis on continuous development.

The new look of and is another step in improving RENOMIA’s online presentations as well as getting closer to its users. As in the case of updates to other websites, there is a move forward, not only in graphical and technical aspects, but also in content. This new look matches user requirements as well as being contemporary and uncluttered.

Pavel Nepala, a Managing Partner RENOMIA, commented that “we believe the new version of the Bulgarian and Hungarian websites are clear and appealing for visitors, and will serve as an overview of RENOMIA’s services, but our work does not end there as we are continuing with further development of all our websites.”