RENOMIA Receives Business Superbrands Award

RENOMIA, a. s., the biggest Czech insurance broker, reasserted its position as an exceptional and successful brand, taking the prestigious Business Superbrands Award.

The Czech Business Superbrands Award is presented by a Commission of Experts from the Business Brand Council of the Czech Superbrands programme. It judges brands within the given region based on customer preferences and the opinions of a panel of professionals. Companies are nominated for this award based on their business results: they can not seek nomination themselves. The bestowal of the Business Superbrands Award is decided by a group of experts from the Business Brand Council, which is made up of professionals with many years' experience in brand marketing, representatives from professional organizations, top creatives and prominent brand assessment experts.

The award ranks RENOMIA among a group of elite brands that are exemplaries of successful development and dynamic brand image reinforcement. "We place great value on our receipt of the Czech Business Superbrands Award. It testifies to a strong awareness of the RENOMIA brand on the market, and for us it serves to confirm the high quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients and business partners," commented Pavel Nepala, the company's Managing Partner, on the award.

The certificate is available here.

International Superbrands Programme
This programme originated in Great Britain more than fifteen years ago. Marketing and communication specialists set themselves two goals: to bring especially strong brands into the limelight, and to present examples worthy of emulation to market participants looking to develop and glean inspiration from the crème de la crème. The project has since gained worldwide recognition and today, the Superbrands Award is acknowledged as a special award in 88 countries on five continents. As the Brand Council Commission plays a key role in granting the award, only prominent and recognized experts are chosen as its members.