RENOMIA reports continued growth and acquisition of share in HELIA & PARTNERS

RENOMIA acquired a majority stake in HELIA & PARTNERS, an insurance brokerage firm. Both companies will strengthen their position in the region of Northern Bohemia and HELIA will acquire additional know-​how and expertise from which its clients will benefit.

"With our superior service to clients and the reputation that we always champion the interests of our clients, RENOMIA has become the market leader. HELIA & PARTNERS, which has been operating since 2003, has a similar approach to customer service and has ambition to grow further. That is why we agreed with the owners on close cooperation and partnership, which also manifested itself in the form of our equity participation," commented Jiřina Nepalová, Director RENOMIA.

Both companies have agreed to act jointly on the market to further develop the best customer service. RENOMIA will support the development of HELIA & PARTNERS by providing access to its facilities, training programs for clients and employees, product and specialist specialists, information systems and applications. The partnership will also benefit from synergies in RENOMIA's international background with services around the world.

Stanislav Filip and Milan Poláček remain the HELIA & PARTNERS executives; the company will continue operating under the samer name and the existing 18-​member team will stay in place and continue to provide and develop their services to clients. "After many years of independent development, we have decided to partner with RENOMIA because RENOMIA shares our values ​​and, with our partnership and the international know-​how we get from it, we will be greatly prepared for the future that we see very optimistically," says Stanislav Filip, Managing Director HELIA & PARTNERS.

RENOMIA has been active in the market since 1993 and has changed the map of the insurance landscape, always championing the clients’ interests, inspiring their confidence and giving them security in the field of insurance. RENOMIA has been growing organically for a long time, acquiring equity stakes in several brokerage companies in the Czech Republic and abroad, which it has successfully developed in recent years. Total premiums under management have exceeded CZK 9 billion.