RENOMIA was awarded the Insurance broker of the year by insurers

Our company RENOMIA has been announced as Insurance broker 2011 with a nationwide activity. It means that not only our customers but even specialists from our branch appreciate our professionalism and above-​standard services to our clients. In the competition actually there had not been evaluated the size of the company. The basic criteria were for example the quality of materials submitted to the insurance company, the level of communication between broker and insurance company and between broker and client, insurance administration or support of the market cultivation.

Award that we received is an innovation in the popular survey Insurance company of the year. “This category in the whole concept was missing so far. Broker companies have irreplaceable role in the processing of insurance programs, specifically in the field of industry and entrepreneur insurance, and therefore I perceive as important to reward them for their contribution to the development of the insurance market,” explained Tomáš Síkora, Executive director of Czech Insurance Association.

The results of insurance companies’ positions, according to insurance brokers evaluation, you can see in the press release together with photos on the Intranet RENOMIA.

The title Insurance broker of the year is very valuable for our company. And not just in terms of prestige. It confirms the fact that the way we are moving together is correct and that our efforts to serve our clients people really appreciate. I therefore thank all of you who participate on the success and popularity of RENOMIA.