The mediated premium of RENOMIA GROUP exceeded the level of CZK 5 billion

RENOMIA GROUP, the largest group of insurance brokers on the Czech market, has exceeded the level of 5 billion CZK of mediated premium in September of this year.

RENOMIA GROUP includes RENOMIA, a. s., its subsidiaries, related financial holdings in the Czech Republic as well as abroad, and members of the RENOMIA NETWORK. The amount of mediated premium of RENOMIA GROUP increased from 4,827 to 5,138 billion CZK in September 2013.  RENOMIA GROUP confirmed the position of the largest insurance broker group in the Czech Republic.

RENOMIA GROUP comprises of more than 560 staff. Thanks to its membership in several international networks, RENOMIA is able to provide services in 135 countries around the world.