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Claims settlement services are an important aspect of our consultancy-based philosophy here at l RENOMIA.

RENOMIA has a dedicated Claims Settlement department where a team of professionals handles and settles tens of thousands of cases a year. They are always on your side. And we have our tradition and expertise on our side, so we can deal with complex cases such as industrial accidents, complicated liability, as well as everyday smaller claims.

When you partner with us, you can expect an end-to-end claims settlement service:

  • RENOMIA will actively handle all your dealings with the insurance company
  • we manage the whole claim settlement process
  • we co-ordinate insurers, experts and other parties involved in the claim settlement process
  • we will make a claims settlement manual for you, adapted to your expectations and needs 
  • we defend your corner all the way until all the pending matters are settled with finality

Our client section contact.RENOMIA lets you:

  • register new claims quickly
  • follow the progress of the claim settlement
  • comfortably submit documentation
  • download and print claim-related documents

Partnership with RENOMIA Claims Settlement gets you:

  • maximum amount of nsurance benefits
  • expedient claim settlement
  • service 24 hours 7 days a week
  • personal approach
  • accurate and detailed claim documentation
  • evaluation of the claim experience
  • analysis of the cause of the loss in order to optimize the insurance programme
  • online access
  • methodology and training in harm reduction
  • HOT LINE - Claims: +420 226 219 945

Claims settled in 2009 - 2022

We are happy to give you more details on the scope of our claims settlement services.

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