POLIPINS-RENOMIA insured global communication campaign of HELL ENERGY drinks with Bruce Willis

Our client, HELL ENERGY launched a PR-campaign in 46 countries worldwide on 2 April, in order to promote HELL energy drink. The campaign is intended to go on for a year, until 31 March 2019. The face of the campaign is the well-known movie star Bruce Willis.

Obviously, to hire an actor like Bruce Willis, may take place under very strict conditions only. Therefore, HELL required all the PR-agencies, working in the respective countries, to provide for an extensive PI cover, so that HELL would be protected against eventual mistakes, non-observance of the campaign guidelines, which could trigger HELL’s liability vis-à-vis Bruce Willis.

Most of the PR-agencies involved demonstrated such PI cover. However, PR-agencies in Bosnia and Belarus did not possess such cover, and in Romania, the PR-agency was first reluctant to provide for PI insurance.

HELL decided to purchase PI cover on behalf of these agencies, the cover adjusted to the contents of the contract between HELL and the actor. POLIPINS-RENOMIA was instructed to obtain cover in each of these countries. We contacted our respective REP partners and RENOMIA SRBA immediately.

In the meantime, it turned out that the Romanian PR-agency did have cover in the frames of the international programme of Ogilvy&Mather, hence placement was necessary only in two countries. Our partners, Prvi Broker in Bosnia and Prime Consult in Belarus did an excellent job by providing for cover in the course of two weeks, following our instructions. The insurers involved are Wiener Osiguranje and Belgostrakh, respectively.

Peter Takats