Trade credit

Trade credit insurance covers the risk of default on invoices due to insolveny or protracted default. Made to measure in RENOMIA.

For all companies which supply services or products and invoice a minimum annual volume of at least CZK 20 million. The insurance covers against the customer's insolvency or protracted default.

Trade credit insurance covers the risks of default due to:

  • insolvency

  • protracted default

Trade credit insurance:

  • protects against default
  • prevents losses in the event of a market collapse
  • gives comprehensive information about potential and existing customers
  • helps stabilize income
  • improves collection

Examples of losses:

  • bankruptcy proceedings against the debtor's assets
  • rejection of a bankruptcy petition for lack of assets
  • a court order permitting the settlement between the debtor and the creditor
  • payment order, forced administration, liquidation
  • default for any reason - secondary insolvency, payment retention, protracted default, etc.

A trade credit insurance solution is always tailored to the needs of the client in question following a comprehensive analysis of all information and specific needs, before an insurance contract is signed.

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